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Twin Oaks is a Los Angeles-based band formed by Lauren Brown & Aaron Domingo. Spending their early days as a bedroom folk act in 2011, Twin Oaks began as an acoustic outlet for Aaron before pitching his songs to Lauren to sing as backing vocalist. Brown's vocals began to better suit the songs and singing roles switched, allowing Domingo to focus primarily on instrumentation.

The duo gained local and UK attention from Amazing Radio with their title track from the self-released 'Not An Exit EP' in November 2012 & quickly began work on their follow-up 'The Lion's Den EP', released in January 2014. The EP's lead single Find a Way was a hit among the band's early fanbase & was featured on Amazing Radio's Simon Raymonde radio show as well as a #1 spot on the Amazing Radio Top 40 for 3 weeks.

After a brief stint of local shows, the band went into recording at Henson Studios on July 2014 in Los Angeles & self-released the debut full-length 'White Noise' (featuring Defeater drummer Joe Longobardi) on October 2015. The album's lead single "Animal" showcased a much larger sound of ethereal electric guitars & energetic drums to accompany Lauren's delicate vocals. The band recruited drummer Rhyan Riesgo (of LA-based dream pop Todavia) to perform songs off 'White Noise' during a stint of shows between late 2014 through the summer 2016.

During Fall 2016, the duo went back into recording at Aaron's home studio and teamed up with Grammy Award-Winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Bat for Lashes, Miya Folick) to helm mixing & post-production duties for the upcoming 'Collapse EP'. Twin Oaks released the 'Collapse EP' on June 2017 in which, with the album's lead single "Eighteen Minutes", showcased the band's more atmospheric explosive post-rock & shoegaze influenced sound that had developed over the years of live performances. In an interview with Girl Underground Music, Lauren states “Collapse was written earnestly, touching on the subjects of personal hardship dealing with death, loss of love, self-loathing, mental exhaustion and the struggle to maintain strength. We decided to name this EP Collapse because it just felt right and sincere. When you hit rock bottom, there is no place to go but up. So the EP is themes on the idea of moving on and forgiving. It’s based on the concept of burning down the past, letting go of the idealistic future and living in the present." The EP received praise from the international indie blogosphere such as Canada's The Revue who quoted "The spatial darkness that occupies 'Collapse' is mesmerizing, as the tinges of the electric guitar and the cosmic production fill the air." Twin Oaks was later joined with Marilyn Beltran & Aroldo Rios to complete the band's full line-up.

The band has independently released music since its formation and have continued to do so with the January 2018 self-recorded & produced 'Living Rooms EP', a collection of intimate and sparse sessions recorded in a live setting in various open spaces. The band has since shared the stage with Mt. Joy, Flora Cash, Emma Ruth Rundle, AKW, and NAVVI.


"Their sparse approach creates a spaciousness that lets the bittersweet compositions breathe, suffused with the calmness of a sunlit early morning. One could easily describe it as dreamy or blissful, but there's nary a shrouded note - these are songs that pulsate with quiet emotion and golden-hued translucence." - The Deli Mag

"There is also a sliver of melancholy which permeates through the album, providing that strange tinge of sadness that all the best dreams leave behind." - Wake The Deaf

"With soft enticing and hypnotizing vocals, accompanied with steady yet powerful drums, light guitar flowing in sync with the tune they transition into an ending made up of an explosion of musical energy that’s timed to perfection." - Wolf In A Suit


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