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Twin Oaks is a Los Angeles-based 4-piece band formed by longtime friends and songwriters Lauren Brown & Aaron Domingo. Spending their earlier days as a bedroom folk act, the band gained local and UK attention with their dream pop/folk-infused lead track "Find A Way” from the self-produced THE LION’S DEN mini album. They drove in a modest fanbase and gained a feature on Simon Raymonde's (of Cocteau Twins) radio show as well as a 3 week #1 spot on UK’s Amazing Radio Top 40.

With a broadened expanse for cinematic & ethereal soundscapes from their first shows, Twin Oaks went on to record the debut full-length WHITE NOISE at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. The album's lead single "Animal" showcased a wide and layered sound influenced by post-rock and dream pop elements of Sigur Rós, Lanterns On The Lake, Mogwai & Daughter.

The duo went back into recording at Aaron's home studio and joined with Grammy Award-Winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Bat for Lashes, Miya Folick) to helm mixing & post-production duties for the 2017 released COLLAPSE EP. Twin Oaks then released the self-produced LIVING ROOMS EP shortly after, which contains a stripped down yet emotionally charged collection of songs drawn from the bands quieter origins.

Digging deep between the realms of deconstruction and self-realization, Twin Oaks put forth their sophomore release 'See You When I See You' with no limitations. Following the band's shoegaze-driven 2017 'Collapse EP' and patient intimacy of 2018 'Living Rooms EP', Brown continues to present deeply personal observations on isolation, societal pressure, death, and failed expectations. The emotional depths are elevated (this time) by the band's ability to navigate between haunting soundscape, driven dynamics, and quiet contemplation. “SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU is a process of diving into the most unsettling moments of life in order to find a better sense of self”, states Brown.

The writing spanned throughout the end of 2017 into 2018 and included the collaborations of drummer/percussionist Marilyn Beltran and bassist Aroldo Rios to bring the songs to full completion. Keeping to their DIY roots, Twin Oaks self-recorded and produced the album in October 2018 between Brass Plate Records and Domingo's home studio in Southern California.

Twin Oaks has recently performed as a support act for The Joy Formidable, Mt. Joy, Emma Ruth Rundle, Flora Cash, Angelo DeAugustine, AKW, & Navvi. SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU releases on June 14th, 2019.


“With focus and precision, 2019’s Twin Oaks targets both the head and heart, and See You When I See You guides the listener through a journey of self-doubt and tentative resolve, without detour or false step.” - DKFM

“Armed with an evocative voice that sometimes resembles The xx’s Romy Madley Croft or Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, Brown is up to the task. She sings patiently and deliberately, milking each sparse syllable for all of its emotional worth.” - THRDCOAST

“The dream-pop duo lay down hazy vibes, drenched in melancholy memories.” - Girl Underground Music

“A gleaming gem with the perfect balance of hard, loud overdrive and quieter contemplation.” - BuzzbandsLA

"Their sparse approach creates a spaciousness that lets the bittersweet compositions breathe, suffused with the calmness of a sunlit early morning. One could easily describe it as dreamy or blissful, but there's nary a shrouded note - these are songs that pulsate with quiet emotion and golden-hued translucence." - The Deli Mag

“There is also a sliver of melancholy which permeates through the album, providing that strange tinge of sadness that all the best dreams leave behind." - Wake The Deaf

“With soft enticing and hypnotizing vocals, accompanied with steady yet powerful drums, light guitar flowing in sync with the tune they transition into an ending made up of an explosion of musical energy that’s timed to perfection.” - Wolf In A Suit


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