Twin Oaks is a Los Angeles-based dream pop trio formed by Lauren Brown, Aaron Domingo, and Rhyan Riesgo. Originally started as a softly-sung folk duo in 2012, Lauren Brown and Aaron Domingo incorporated moody folk and subtle electronics influenced by the likes of Mazzy Star, Cat Power, as well as The XX, and London Grammar. The duo self-released their mini-album "The Lion's Den" early in 2014 and garnered attention through UK-based indie radio station Amazing Radio with their single 'Find A Way' climbing to #1 on the top 40 chart. Twin Oaks quickly began early recording sessions with Defeater drummer Joe Longobardi and contributing guitarist Louis Bernal at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, CA to record their debut full-album "White Noise". The band later met with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Rhyan Riesgo, who was added halfway through the recording sessions and completed the line-up of the band. "White Noise" arrived on October 23, 2015. After a year of regional shows throughout most of California and sharing the stage with LA favorites Emma Ruth Rundle, Highland Kites, and AKW, the band began working on new material to release for the 2017 year. The single and video for "Eighteen Minutes" (directed by Daniel Hever) releases on November 29th, 2016 and showcases a much more chaotic side of the band evolved through their live performances.


"Their sparse approach creates a spaciousness that lets the bittersweet compositions breathe, suffused with the calmness of a sunlit early morning. One could easily describe it as dreamy or blissful, but there's nary a shrouded note - these are songs that pulsate with quiet emotion and golden-hued translucence." - The Deli Mag

"There is also a sliver of melancholy which permeates through the album, providing that strange tinge of sadness that all the best dreams leave behind." - Wake The Deaf

"With soft enticing and hypnotizing vocals, accompanied with steady yet powerful drums, light guitar flowing in sync with the tune they transition into an ending made up of an explosion of musical energy that’s timed to perfection." - Wolf In A Suit


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Photo by Diana Mantis